The Core Contributors Behind The Protocol

Current Team

Ayush Menon

Ayush is the founder of Katana and an experienced Solana developer. He's a two-time Solana hackathon winner, having won the Raydium prize at the Solana Season hackathon for his hackathon project Laguna Finance and the grand prize at the Ignition hackathon for Katana.

Ayush is an undergraduate student at Harvard where he studies computer science and economics. He's completed his freshman year in school and is currently on leave to work on Katana full-time. He was previously at Delphi Digital where he worked as a founding engineer on Mars Protocol, a money market on Terra.

Eric Nie

Eric is a co-founder of Katana and a seasoned DeFi developer. Eric previously built a DeFi protocol on Ethereum, managing the full-stack from idea to product execution. He used to partake in math competitions and placed in the Putnam Top 500.

Eric graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in computer science and math and previously worked as a software engineer at Addepar and Jump Trading.

Future Team

We are rapidly expanding our team and looking for talent across all verticals. If you're interested in joining us, reach out to jobs@katana.so with your pitch.

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