Overview of Katana Vaults

Automated Yield Strategies. Simplified.

At its core, Katana provides the infrastructure for complex yield strategies to be packaged into a simple vault interface. This way, users only need to deposit their funds in order to get access to the underlying strategy.

Katana's primary offering is a suite of accessible vaults that execute automated yield strategies in the background. Users can interact directly with the vaults via the Katana web app. The community will eventually be able to build their own custom frontends and experiences using the vaults as core building blocks.

The overarching goal for Katana's vaults is to provide a diverse array of desired strategies and exposures. Example strategies include:

  • Selling potential upside to lock in a guaranteed yield

  • Earning yield on volatility

  • Harvesting yield on market downturns

  • And much more...

The protocol currently offers automated covered calls and cash-secured puts on a variety of assets and will rapidly expand its suite of available strategies. The next pages consist of in-depth explanations and analyses of these yield strategies so the user can better understand the benefits and risk profiles for each one.

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