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Migration Guide To PsyFi


Katana was recently acquired by PsyFi. As such, all Katana vaults are now paused and ongoing protocol operations will now run through PsyFi. As a user, you are presented with two options: withdraw from the Katana vault or migrate directly to the corresponding PsyFi vault to continue expressing your chosen strategy with your assets. Follow the steps below for migration to PsyFinance in order to seamlessly restart the given strategy on your crypto.


  1. Firstly, ensure you have claimed your shares using the claim shares button for the Katana vault you have deposited into if you have a positive share balance.

  2. Next, select instant withdraw to withdraw your funds from the Katana vault.

  3. Finally, navigate to the migration pane and input the amount you would like to migrate to the PsyFi vault. Then click the complete migration button. This will conveniently transfer your funds directly to the corresponding PsyFi vault. For example, if you have deposited into the SOL covered call vault on Katana, selecting migrate will transfer your funds to the SOL covered call vault on PsyFi.

  4. You are all set! Your funds will be initiated into the PsyFi strategy and will continue earning in the same manner as previously with Katana.

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