🗝️Why Katana?

The Key Advantages Of Katana's Vaults


Katana offers a new, passive method to earn yield on digital assets by offering a suite of packaged yield strategies for different market views and risk-return profiles. Unlike yield farming strategies that rely on finite liquidity mining programs, Katana introduces a more sustainable yield generated by expressing market views.

Previously, if one wanted to execute a yield farming or options strategy, they would have to do so manually--a tedious process that requires a high level of sophistication to optimize profitability. Katana automates and optimizes yield strategies through vaults, allowing anyone to passively invest and generate high yields.

Katana's Advantages

Sustainable Yield

Katana generates yield by enabling users to express views on price action, composing such views into a suite of packaged yield products. In this way, Katana is not dependent on liquidity mining programs and thus offers a differentiated and more sustainable source of yield for any given risk-return profile.

Automated Yield Generation

Katana automates and packages complex strategies into vaults, enabling users to passively access sophisticated strategies by simply depositing their funds into their vault of choice.

Strategy Optimization

Katana optimizes everything from strike selection to order execution, ensuring its users earn the best yields for their chosen strategy.

Simplified User Experience

Katana vaults allow the users to interact with a simple interface, abstracting away the complexity of the underlying strategies and derivative protocols.

Built On Solana

Solana's performance and affordability offer Katana several key advantages, including:

  • Extremely low transaction fees

  • An improved user experience

  • Wider design space of strategies

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