Katana Docs


Overview of the Katana protocol
Earn the best risk-adjusted yields on your crypto. Fully optimized, automated, and simplified.


Katana is building the premier yield generation protocol in DeFi. The Katana protocol is a set of smart contracts on the Solana blockchain and offers the best suite of packaged yield products, enabling users to passively access the best risk-adjusted yields in the ecosystem.

Why Use Katana?

🪴 Smarter Yield
🧠 Simplified Strategies
⚙️ Full Automation
💰 Optimal Execution
✨ No Fees

Who is Katana for?

Katana is perfect for anyone looking to generate yield on their crypto assets including retail users, DAOs, institutions, protocols, games, and more. As a base primitive, anyone can choose to build their own products, protocols, or experiences on top of the core Katana protocol.
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