Katana Docs


Overview of the Katana protocol
Earn the best risk-adjusted yields on your crypto. Fully optimized, automated, and simplified.


Katana is building the premier yield generation protocol in DeFi. The Katana protocol is a set of smart contracts on the Solana blockchain and offers the best suite of packaged yield products, enabling users to passively access the best risk-adjusted yields in the ecosystem.

Why Use Katana?

🪴 Smarter Yield
🧠 Simplified Strategies
⚙️ Full Automation
💰 Optimal Execution
✨ No Fees

Who is Katana for?

Katana is perfect for anyone looking to generate yield on their crypto assets including retail users, DAOs, institutions, protocols, games, and more. As a base primitive, anyone can choose to build their own products, protocols, or experiences on top of the core Katana protocol.


Katana was recently acquired by PsyFi. Refer to the migration guide to learn more about what that means logistically and how to migrate over if desired.
Last modified 10mo ago